gcb2582-sup-0001-TableS1.docWord document353KTable S1. 210-lead and conventional and calibrated 14-carbon ages. All analyses were carried out at the ANSTO Laboratories in Lucas Heights in Sydney Australia on bulk sediment samples. 210-lead ages were determined using the CRS method, and 14-carbon ages using δ13C relative to PDB as shown. Radiocarbon calibrations were carried out using the calib program (Stuiver & Reimer, 1993, version 6.0.1) with the MARINE09 and southern hemisphere atmospheric (SH04) calibration curves. The local marine reservoir correction in all cases is ΔR = 11 ± 85. Rounding of calibrated ages has been carried out according to the protocols of Stuiver & Polach (1977). The 210-lead ages are corrected to a reference date of 1 January 2006; reference date for calibrated 14-carbon ages is 1950.

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