gcb2639-sup-0001-TableS1.docxWord document17KTable S1. Soil respiration and microbial biomass measurements from each site for ambient (Amb) and N amended (N) soils.
gcb2639-sup-0001-TableS2.docxWord document24KTable S2. Relative abundance (percentage of sequences) of bacterial groups from each site for ambient (Amb) and N amended (N) soils.
gcb2639-sup-0001-TableS3.docxWord document16KTable S3. Pairwise t-test results comparing bacterial abundance between ambient and N amended soils.
gcb2639-sup-0001-TableS4.docxWord document23KTable S4. Mean soil extracellular enzyme activity at each site, log transformed (n + 1), units (nmol h−1 g−1) from both ambient (Amb) and N amended (N) soils.
gcb2639-sup-0001-TableS5.docxWord document28KTable S5. Pearson correlation coefficients between change in enzyme concentration and change in measured soil processes (soil respiration and microbial biomass) and soil factors.

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