gcb2648-sup-0001-AppendixS1.docxWord document19KAppendix S1. Observed Spatial and Temporal Variability of δL,b
gcb2648-sup-0002-AppendixS2.docxWord document19KAppendix S2. Correction of IRIS Measurements for organic contamination
gcb2648-sup-0003-TableS1.docxapplication/PDF12KTable S1. Contamination correction to the δ18O values of wheat and corn leaves and stems.
gcb2648-sup-0004-FigS1.pdfapplication/PDF30KFigure S1. Spatial distribution of δL,b (‰) along the corn leaf at different times of the day, DOY 256.
gcb2648-sup-0005-FigS2.pdfapplication/PDF14KFigure S2. The correlation between δL,b gradient (tip to base) in the corn leaves and relative humidity.
gcb2648-sup-0006-FigS3.pdfapplication/PDF20KFigure S3. Observed midday (10:00–15:00 LST) δL,b in the upper (closed circles) and lower (open circles) canopy in wheat and corn. Error bars are ±1 standard deviation of four spatial replicates.
gcb2648-sup-0007-FigS4.pdfapplication/PDF17KFigure S4. Time variation of δL,b during four intensive observation periods in the upper (closed circles) and lower layer of the canopy (open circles). Error bars are ±1 standard deviation of four spatial replicates.
gcb2648-sup-0008-FigS5.pdfapplication/PDF17KFigure S5. Ethanol (a) and methanol (b) contamination correction curves for IRIS δ18O measurement.
gcb2648-sup-0009-FigS6.pdfWord document16KFigure S6. Comparison of IRIS and IRMS δ18O measurements.

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