In the paper by Lawson et al. (2010), the equation describing average seedbank input, fs(x) on page 2521, should be as follows:

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The last paragraph on page 2521 in the section entitled Demographic model structure and parameterization should read as follows:

First year survival rates were recorded for two C. verrucosus stands resulting from fires in October 2007 (mean = 0.533; standard deviation = 0.194) (Lawson 2009). Survival rates for ages 1 to 15 were estimated from data for six obligate seeding Ceanothus species (Frazer and Davis 1988, Kummerow et al. 1985, Keeley 2006, Lawson 2009, Moreno and Oechel 1992, Odion and Davis 2000, Schlesinger and Gill 1987, Thomas and Davis 1989, and Tyler and D'Antonio 1995). Using this data the mean survival rate for 1-year-old plants was estimated as 0.403 (standard deviation of 0.218) and 2-year-old plants was estimated as 0.732 (standard deviation of 0.158) and survival rates for stands aged 3–15 years were parameterized as

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The results, including all tables and figures, are derived from models with parameters calculated from these corrected equations and values, and hence the presented results are not affected by these corrections.


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  • Lawson DM, Regan HM, Zedler PM, Franklin J (2010) Cumulative effects of land use, altered fire regime and climate change on persistence of Ceanothus verrucosus, a rare, fire-dependent plant species. Global Change Biology, 16, 25182529.