gcb2727-sup-0001-Figure S1.docxWord document267KFigure S1. Appearance (date of 25% percentile of all individuals of a species observed, mean across all years) of 14 butterfly species across the three habitat types. The analysis was restricted (compared to Fig. 3) to the 14 species that were found on at least 25 transects in each habitat type. For each species, the values across different habitats are connected with a line. The later appearance of species in settlement habitat compared to either forested or agricultural areas was consistent and remained significant compared to the analyses performed on the whole dataset with all 28 species (Wilcoxon signed-rank tests between the habitat types: settlement vs. agriculture, mean difference = 10.2 days, V = 20, P = 0.04; settlement vs. forest, mean difference = 7.6 days, V = 98, P = 0.002).
gcb2727-sup-0002-Figure S2.docxWord document267KFigure S2. Boxplots on Julian date of 25% appearance of all species in the different habitat types.
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