gcb2760-sup-0001-FigS1-S4-AppendixS1-S5.pdfapplication/PDF7658KFigure S1. The conceptual approach to dynamic macroecological modelling of biodiversity change. Figure S2. Conceptual depiction of the primary factors influencing changes in the composition of each community over time. Figure S3. Examples of projected occurrences for individual plant species from the M-SET model. Figure S4. The projected median range size for species occurring in each location in 2100 under climate change. Appendix S1. Testing the M-SET model with synthetic metacommunities. Appendix S2. Species richness (α-diversity) modelling methods. Appendix S3. Compositional dissimilarity (β-diversity) modelling methods. Appendix S4. DynamicFOAM methods. Appendix S5. Dispersal model parameter testing.

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