gcb2787-sup-0001-DataS1.docWord document273KData S1. An overview of methods and analytical strategy.
gcb2787-sup-0002-FigureS1.docWord document273KFigure S1. Historical ozone trends for AOT6059 across the study region.
gcb2787-sup-0003-FigureS2.docWord document273KFigure S2. Historical ozone trends for hourly maximum per day across the study region.
gcb2787-sup-0004-TableS1.docWord document273KTable S1. Mean environmental data for the six watersheds.
gcb2787-sup-0005-TableS2.docWord document273KTable S2. Estimates of ozone effects on flow of six Appalachian watersheds based on model estimates of contributions of ozone and climate to variance in annual flow.

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