• haemophilia A;
  • Kogenate;
  • patient preference;
  • reconstitution;
  • rFVIII;

Summary.  KOGENATE® Bayer (rFVIII-FS) with Bio-Set® is designed to prevent patient contact with exposed needles during recombinant factor VIII reconstitution. This postmarketing surveillance study evaluated patient satisfaction before and after switching to the new Bio-Set reconstitution method. Male children and adults with haemophilia A were enrolled from nine European countries. A preference questionnaire was administered to patients after Bio-Set training and at the end of the observation period (≥20 exposure days or 3 months). Physician assessments of patient compliance and satisfaction were conducted at the end of the observation period. Patients (N = 306) received a mean ± SD of 28 ± 23 infusions of rFVIII-FS with Bio-Set. A majority of patients (82%) preferred the Bio-Set method, with domain scores for ease of use, safety from needlesticks, and speed of reconstitution being highest after training and at the end of the observation period. The Bio-Set method received higher mean scores than previous reconstitution methods for worry/safety and ease/confidence domains at both time points. Physician-reported patient compliance with the Bio-Set method was similar or greater compared with the previous method for 94% of the patients, with physicians reporting that 92% of the patients were satisfied or very satisfied with Bio-Set. Thirteen adverse events (AEs) occurred in nine patients, and five serious AEs occurred in five patients; none was related to rFVIII-FS. No de novo or recurrent inhibitor development was observed during the observation period. rFVIII-FS with Bio-Set was well tolerated and well accepted by haemophilia A patients, which may improve treatment compliance.