Intravenous aspirin (DL-lysine-acetylsalicylate; Venopirin(r)) has been available in Japan since 1983. One vial of the agent contains497 mg of aspirin. We have tried the agent to abort or prevent intractable headache and facial pain. Subjects consisted of 15intractable headache and facial pain sufferers, whose diagnoses were based upon clinical criteria at the time of the visit. Thesediagnoses included combined headache 6, common migraine 5, symptomatic trigeminal neuralgia 2, effort migraine I andnon-migrainous vascular headache 1. One vial of the agent was injected intravenously over 3–5 minutes. The efficacy was judged aseither excellent (complete relief), good (almost complete relief), fair (incomplete relief) or poor (no relief). Of the 15 subjects, 4 patients(common migraine 2, effort migraine 1, and non-migrainous vascular headache 1) demonstrated excellent responses, and 7 patientswere noted to have good and 4 patients fair responses. In a case of effort migraine intravenous aspirin prevented the attackcompletely. No serious adverse effects were encountered. It is concluded that intravenous aspirin is highly useful for intractableheadache and falcial pain in acute situations. Further clinical trials are worth undertaking.