• Keywords;
  • haemangiopericytoma;
  • PCNA (proliferating cell nuclear antigen)

Forty-tow cases of haemangiopericytoma were studied retrospectively using immunohistochemical staining with PC10, a monoclonal antibody to PCNA. The percentage of tumour cells with positive staining for PCNA was found to correlated well with histological grading. Clinical follow-up data were available in 25 adults and showed no known deaths in 11 cases with a low proportion (<14%) of positive cells. Out of 14 cases with a high number (≥14%) of positive cells, seven patients are known to have died, two had metastases, and in a further two there have been multiple recurrences of tumour. DNA flow cytometry was performed on 26 cases but this showed no correlation with PC10 staining or clinical outcome. Staining with PC10 may be of particular value in the identification of patients at greatest risk of rapid tumour metastasis and early death.