• epithelioid variant of pleomorphic liposarcoma;
  • FUS-CHOP translocation;
  • gene profiling

Aims : To describe a tumour with morphological and immunophenotypic characteristics of epithelioid variant of pleomorphic liposarcoma. Pleomorphic liposarcoma is a very rare variant of liposarcoma defined morphologically by the presence of pleomorphic lipoblasts showing peculiar epithelial-like features that can be confused with primary or metastatic carcinoma.

Methods and results : Molecular analysis demonstrated for the first time the presence of FUS-CHOP transcript in this liposarcoma variant. Microarray analysis revealed a gene expression profile related to a more aggressive tumour type when compared with other myxoid/round cell liposarcomas.

Conclusions : The present data show that the epithelioid variant of pleomorphic liposarcoma represents a further variant of myxoid liposarcoma sharing the FUS-CHOP fusion transcript but carrying a distinct expression profile, in keeping with its aggressive clinical course.