• lung cancer;
  • stage;
  • pleural invasion;
  • carcinoid;
  • tumor size;
  • specimen;
  • pathology

Led by the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC), there are currently several major international collaborative projects underway that will have a significant impact on the future reporting of lung cancer pathology. In particular, the IASLC Staging Committee has just completed an analysis of >100 000 lung cancer cases, providing the basis for proposed revisions of the current TNM staging classification. The purpose of this review is not to provide a comprehensive document on recommendations for specimen processing, but rather to discuss how the anticipated changes in the 7th edition TNM will impact on specimen processing, specifically looking at tumour size, how to deal with multiple tumours and visceral pleural invasion. TNM staging of carcinoid tumours and small cell carcinoma is also discussed.