Bombyx mori cell line as a model of immune-system organs


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We tested 11 Bombyx mori cell lines for induction of cecropin B gene (CecB) expression. After the immune challenge, CecB expression was induced in seven cell lines. A mixture of the cell-free supernatant from the immune-responsive cell lines and lipopolysaccharide activated a promoter of CecB in the non-immune-responsive cell line, indicating that secreted factor(s) is involved in CecB activation. The expressed sequence tags of one of the immune-responsive cell lines, NISES-BoMo-Cam1, contained genes encoding proteins similar to Relish, Cactus, clip-domain serine protease, serpin, lectin, peptidoglycan recognition protein, 6tox and gloverin, in addition to seven known B. mori immune-inducible genes. These results show that NISES-BoMo-Cam1 cells can be used as an in vitro model of the immune system organs of B. mori.