• Nasonia;
  • parasitoid;
  • genomics;
  • fingerprinting;
  • BAC


The species of the genus Nasonia possess qualities that make them excellent candidates for genetic and genomic studies. To increase the wealth of genomic resources for the genus we constructed publicly available bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) libraries for Nasonia vitripennis and Nasonia giraulti. Libraries have 36 864 clones each, empty-vector contents of ∼2% and average insert sizes of 113.1 and 97.7 Kb, respectively, representing 12 and 11 genome equivalents. The N. vitripennis library was used for genome sequence assembly and in efforts at positional cloning of a developmental gene. The genome assembly of N. vitripennis is currently composed on 6181 un-joined scaffolds. These BAC libraries can be used to identify and close regions between scaffolds of the genome assemblies of both species.