This article corrects:

  1. Editorial Volume 19, Issue s1, iii, Article first published online: 15 January 2010

In ref. [1], the authors' names were incomplete in the paper by Niehuis et al. which was cited in several articles. The full text should be as follows:

Niehuis O, Gibson JD, Rosenberg MS, Pannebakker BA, Koevoets T, Judson AK, Desjardins CA, Kennedy K, Duggan D, Beukeboom LW, van de Zande L, Shuker DM, Werren JH, Gadau J (2010) Recombination and its impact on the genome of the haplodiploid parasitoid wasp Nasonia. PLoS ONE. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0008597

We apologise for this omission.