• JHE;
  • cDNA cloning;
  • juvenile hormone titer regulation;
  • carboxyl/cholinesterase;
  • coleoptera


Juvenile hormone esterases (JHEs) are required for the degradation of juvenile hormones (JHs) in insects. Here, we report the cloning and analysis of the jhe gene in the red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum, a model insect of Coleoptera. The Tcjhe gene was strongly expressed at the final instar larva, as would be expected if it functioned to decrease the JH titer at this stage. A recombinant TcJHE protein efficiently degraded JH III, suggesting that the enzyme functions in vivo as a JH-specific degradation enzyme. This is the first report describing the developmental expression profile of the jhe gene whose enzymatic activity was shown in Coleoptera, and the new data reported here will aid elucidation of the mechanism of JH titer regulation in insects.