Figure S1. PCR amplification of Ra86 from gut RNA from 20 individual female R. appendiculatus ticks. Controls: PCR amplification of cDNA plasmids representing Ra86-4 (clone 85A) and Ra86-5 (clone 92A), respectively. The predicted sizes of the Ra86-4 and Ra86-5 PCR products are 890 bp and 1010 bp, respectively. Molecular markers for sizes indicated (lane M).

Figure S2. Alignment of Ra86 3′ untranslated region sequences.

Table S1. GenBank accession numbers of 19 Ra86 homologues of the Bm86 antigen isolated from Rhipicephalus appendiculatus.

Table S2. Summary of sequence similarity of mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase 1 sequences representing a consensus sequence derived from individual ticks expressing Ra86-4 and Ra86-5 in gut cDNA. These were searched against the GenBank nr sequence database using blastn.

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