Figure S1. Differential green fluorescent protein (GFP) expression in adult tissues from alternative lines. (A and B) Different individuals of the B1 line show variegation of GFP expression in ommatidia. The number and position of GFP ommatidia vary considerably between individuals. (C) The hindgut and proventriculus of line DA2 show intense fluorescence. (D) GFP expression in terminal stellate cells of the Malpighian tubules in line H. (E) Exposed cuticles of the antennae are also brightly fluorescent in line DA2. (F) Oenocytes and fat body of line DA1 express GFP.

Table S1. Enhanced green fluorescent protein (eGFP) expression profiles in transgenic lines. Cho/VNC, chordotonal organs, brain and ventral nerve cord in larvae and adults. Eye, expression in developing eye in late larvae and adult. x, weak or variegated; xx, robust eGFP expression. *DsRed expression also present in same cuticular sites.

Movie S1. Video of H line individual.

Movie S2. Video of H line individuals. Upper male, lower female.

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