Figure S1. The phylogenetic tree was generated with only insect ChEs using a ClustalW alignment. Bger, Blattella germanica (ABB89946 and ABB89947); Ncin, Nephotettix cincticeps (AF145235 and BAI63644); Pxyl, Plutella xylostella (AAY34743 and AAL33820); Tcas, Tribolium castaneum (XP_973462 and EEZ99262); Phum, Pediculus humanus capitis (BAF46107 and BAF46106); Btab, Bemisia tabaci (ABV45413 and ABV45415); Agos, Aphis gossypii (BAD51407, AAM94375 and AAS15645.1); Mper, Myzus persicae (AAN71600, AAL99585 and CAA52649.1); Agam, Anopheles gambiae (CAD56156, CAD29866 and CAJ14160.1); Isca, Ixodes scapularis (EEC16520); Dmel, Drosophila melanogaster (ACZ94897 and NP_001163166.1); Mdom, Musca domestica (CAC39209); Bole, Bactrocera oleae (AF452052).

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