• cone beam computed tomography;
  • sodium hypochlorite

Behrents KT, Speer ML, Noujeim M. Sodium hypochlorite accident with evaluation by cone beam computed tomography. International Endodontic Journal, 45, 492–498, 2012.


Aim  To show the radiographic manifestation of sodium hypochlorite after accidental injection past the apical foramen and into the soft tissues.

Summary  A female patient was seen for an emergency visit after suffering a sodium hypochlorite accident at her general dentist’s office. The patient was seen within 1 h of the accident and was in pain associated with facial swelling. Radiographs, including a Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), and photographs were taken. Endodontic emergency treatment was initiated. The patient was reassured and given pain medication and antibiotics. Follow-up visits were scheduled over 6 days when the swelling had resolved.

Key learning points 

  • • 
    Importance of multiple radiographic images during preoperative endodontic evaluation when undertaking endodontic retreatment.
  • • 
    Knowledge of apical anatomy as related to surrounding structures.
  • • 
    Effect of sodium hypochlorite when injected in the soft tissues.