The Anthocyanins of Strawberry, Rhubarb, Radish and Onion



    1. Canada Department of Agriculture, Research Station, Kentville, Nova Scotia
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      Horticultural Products Laboratory, Horticultural Research Institute of Ontario, Ontario Department of Agriculture & Food, Vineland Station, Ontario, Canada.

  • Contribution No. 1290 from the CDA Research Station, Kentville, Nova Scotia.

  • The author is indebted to Dr. D. L. Craig and E. W. Chipman for supplying the plant material.

  • The able technical assistance of G. R. Kressner is gratefully acknowledged.

  • Paper presented at the 28th Annual Meeting of the Institute of Food Technologists in Philadelphia.


The presence of a large number of previously unnoticed anthocyanins was demonstrated in strawberry, rhubarb, radish and onion. The number of anthocyanins found in this survey and those reported previously (in brackets) in each plant were: strawberry: 6 (4), rhubarb: 3 (2), radish: 13 (5), onion: 8 (3). Some of the chromatograms indicated that the number of anthocyanins present was even greater than that. A quantitative difference was found between the anthocyanin pattern of the examined varieties. The survey was carried out using paper chromatography on Whatman No. 3 MM paper with two new solvent systems of high resolving power. The solvents were: 1-butanol-benzene-formic acid-water (100: 19: 10: 25) and 1-butanol-formic acid-water (100: 25: 60).