SUMMARY— A study was made to develop high Quality juice powders from four tropical fruits. Guava and mango puree, passion fruit and pineapple juice were dehydrated in a vacuum-puff freeze-drying process. Sucrose in amount (25–40%) approximating nectar formulations was mixed with single-strength juice or puree samples, blended 2 min, and frozen. Freezing temperatures of various samples were measured in a constant temperature bath of −21.6°F. Samples initially frozen in blast freezers at −40°F or 0°F with 0.25–1.0 lb/ft2 were vacuum-puffed and freeze dried on aluminum trays at 50μ Hg and 120–130°F shell temperature for 6–9 hr to 1–2% moisture. Puffing was affected by (1) rapid freezing of the juice-sucrose mixture; (2) artificially entrapping some gas in the mixture before freezing; (3) changing the pressure or temperature in the chamber to effect gas expansion; and (4) increasing the mixture viscosity to limit bubble sizes. Results of drying over 160 different samples showed that: (1) added sucrose to give a 40° 5° Brix in the mixture resulted in a stable ‘puffed’ structure; (2) several permissible calcium salts and silica at 0.1–0.5% (w/w) added to the mixture before drying, improve the free-flowing properties of the dried product. Process variables are discussed and typical sample compositions given.