Changes in the principal organic acids and sugars of Scuppernong grapes (V. rotundifolia) were followed during the ripening season. The vines were sampled bi-weekly during the initial stages of berry development and then weekly as harvest approached until the “overripe” stage was reached. At the ripe stage, malate and tartrate constituted approximately 90% of organic acids with trace quantities of pyruvic, fumaric, succinic, citric and quinic acids. Glucose, fructose and sucrose constituted approximately 90% of the sugars with trace quantities of galactose and maltose. Malate concentration increased during the early stages of ripening, peaked and decreased to a plateau at the ripe stage. Tartrate decreased steadily until it leveled at the ripe stage. Sugars began to accumulate at veraison, increased rapidly thereafter, and leveled at the ripe stage. At harvest, Scuppernong grapes contained 1.60% total acid and 9.45% total sugars on a whole berry basis. Individual constituents were 0.67% malate, 0.92% tartrate, 3.86% fructose, 3.98% glucose, and 1.61% sucrose.