A two-stage continuous process for the production of Blue cheese flavor from lipolyzed milk fat by submerged fermentation of Penicillium roqueforti was developed. In the first stage, P. roqueforti was grown aerobically on a corn-steep liquor/sucrose medium at 25° C, pH 7, aeration rate 1 liter air/min/L medium, and dilution rate 0.05 hr−1. The effluent air and culture over-flow were led to a maturing tank and allowed to age 24 hr. The mycelial culture was then pumped into a second fermentor to which lipolyzed milk fat was also fed continuously. An average 24 hr contact time between mold mycelium and fatty acids was maintained. The fatty acids and perhaps other components of the lipolyzed cream were metabolized by the P. roqueforti mycelium to produce a fluid product with a Blue cheese-type flavor. Small portions of this product were acceptably added to snack and party dips and salad dressings, as a Blue cheese replacement.