Cowpea powder with decreased beany flavor was produced by soaking cowpeas in acidified water, dehulling, blanching in 100°C steam, grinding and. drum drying. Soaking water pH of 2 and 6 followed by blanching was more effective than pH 4 followed by blanching, or than acidification without blanching, in decreasing beany flavor. Total solids recovery of powders was of the order of 70–73%, with about 22% of the solids, 20% of the protein and 27% of the thiamine content of raw cowpea being recoverable in the hull fraction. Nitrogen solubility of Lowpea protein was markedly reduced by drum drying. Other properties of cowpea powders described include ease of dispersion in cool water, water and oil binding, oil emulsification, foaming, swelling and viscosity changes.