Scanning electron microscopy was used to study changes in micro-structure of broad beans during the germination process. Photomicrographs showed only slight differences in the appearance of cotyledon cell structure between the dry and soaked broad beans, but the size of the starch granules increased after soaking. Also scanning electron micrographs of the cotyledons and the starch and protein fractions of broad beans revealed changes in the surface of the cells during germination of the seed. The starch granules appeared to be very fragile and proteins began to break into small fragments after 8 days of germination. There was a decrease in amylose, amylopectin, and raffinose during germination. Sucrose and fructose increased during the 4-day germination period, but decreased thereafter. Raffinose decreased gradually during the 0-6 day germination period, and was not detectable after 8 days.