Chlorogenic Acid and Other Phenolic Compounds in Fourteen Sweet Potato Cultivars


  • The work was supported by Grant #1568 from the USDA and the National Institutes of Health, Div. of Research Resources #08025.


Fourteen cultivars of sweet potatoes were analyzed qualitatively for their phenolic content at harvest and after storage. The phenolic content of the sweet potato cultivars, Centennial, Jasper, Jewel, LO-323, L3-243, L3-151, L4-62, L4-112, L4-131, NC-702, NC-718, NC-719, NC-345, and V2-237, was assayed. The qualitative examination of the sweet potato phenolics resulted in the separation and identification of four isomers of caffeolyquinic acid. A fifth compound, which exhibited phenolic acid characteristics, was separated but could not be identified.