Determination of BHA and BHT in Denyarated Mashed Potatoes


  • The authors thank Dr. G.J. Packer for helpful discussions and gas chromatogxaphic runs, and the National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada for providing grantsinaid of the project.


The extraction step in BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole) or BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) analysis of potato granules, unless precautions are taken, leads to a recovery of only 10–50%. This study showed that BHA (BHT) is retained in granules by retrograded starch and, mostly, its amylose moiety. No satisfactory IB covery was obtained using solvents of increasing dielectric constant unless the granules were first hydrated with water. A rapid antioxidant extraction procedure, based on the hydration principle and suitable for quality control labs, is described. Comparative data were acquired for the content of BHA (BHT) in potato granules analyzed by differential pulse voltammetry (using a glassy carbon electrode) and gas-liquid chromatography.