High Vacuum Flame Sterilized Fruits: Storage Study on Sliced Clingstone Peaches, Sliced Bartlett Pears, and Diced Fruit


  • The authors express appreciation to Atlas Pacific Engineering, Max Beauvais, Jim Beutel, Canners League of California, Cling Peach Advisory Board Grower Members, Continental Can Company, Dole Engineering, Liquid Sugars, Inc., National Can Company, National Steel Corporation, Pacific Coast Canned Pear Service, T.H. Richards Processing, University of California Agricultural Experiment Station Project #CA-D*-FST3050. cooperating peach and pear growers, and the shop and student personnel of the U.C. Davis Food Science & Technology Dept. for their contributions and/or participation in this project.


Slices of four major commercial clingstone peach varieties, slices of Bartlett pears from major growing areas, and mixtures of diced peaches and pears were successfully vacuum packed without the conventional covering syrup or water. For selected packs, the fruits were sweetened to the desired cutout ∘Brix value with concentrated syrup. The high vacuum flame sterilized packs (HVFS) required only 7.5 min total heating for pear and peach slices and 5.5 min for diced fruit to achieve biological stability. Because of the minimal process, all HVFS fruits retained more of the original flavor attributes and texture of the fresh fruit through 18 months storage than did the conventional packs. Omission of the covering liquid, combined with the necessary blanching treatment, allowed packing of 1/3 more fruit into a standard size can.