Apart from increases in microflora number at —4°C under vacuum and at 0°C under nitrogen, there was in general no significant (P gt; 0.05) differences in numbers of lactobacilli, psychrotrophs, aerobes and anaerobes between vacuum- and nitrogen-packed veals during 49 days of storage at 3 and 7°C, regardless of dark and lighted displays. The initial psychrotrophs consisted primarily of Pseudomonas putida (> 72%) but by day 49 Lactobacillus spp. comprised at least 64% of the total in both atmospheres. Sensory and exudate data showed a highly significant (P < 0.05) difference due to the effect of storage time and temperature above 0°C. Nitrogen-packed veals exhibited a lower incidence of greening and exudate loss at 0, 3 and 7°C. Light generally had important effects on off-odor and exudate loss, irrespective of package types.