Scallops (Pecten alba) were packaged aerobically, vacuum packaged, treated with 0.1% K-sorbate then packaged, or vacuum packaged and frozen. The initial flora was predominantly Vibrio which grew well in the aerobic packs (˜ 108 c.f.u./g after 6 days at 4°C) and in the vacuum packs (˜ 107 c.f.u./g after 6 days 4°C). The microbial counts in the sorbate-treated scallops were low (˜ 103 c.f.u./g) after 6 days at 4°C and rose to 105 c.f.u./g by 22 days, remaining at this level until the experiment ended after 48 days. Extensive use of taste panels as an evaluative tool enabled construction of odor and flavor profiles which showed clearly the nature of the changes that occurred during storage. The sorbate-treated scallops stored for up to 28 days at 4°C remained as acceptable as the frozen controls.