Ninety-six sides from 48 beef carcasses were used to study the effects of hot boning (HB), electrical stimulation (ES), a combination of electrical stimulation and hot boning (ESHB), and steak storage treatments on longissimus dorsi and semimembranosus steaks. Steak storage treatments were: unfrozen (aged until 6 days postmortem) or frozen (ES, HB, and ESHB frozen 24 hr and controls 48 hr postmortem). ES did not improve taste panel ratings or consistently lower shear force values when compared with control counterparts. Storing carcasses at 5°C for the first 24 hr postmortem and freezing ES steaks at 24 hr versus 48 hr postmortem for the control possibly diluted the effectiveness of ES. However, ES did eliminate any toughening due to HB.