Effect of Grain Size on Degree of Milling, Color and Cooking Time of Sorghum



Sixteen colored and white hybrid sorghum cultivars were size-graded and the three major sizes, 4.00-4.74 mm, 3.35-3.99 mm and 2.80-3.34 mm, dehulled for 60 sec. Within a cultivar the degree of milling (loss of unbroken kernel during milling) varied between individual sizes and was lower for the smaller grain. The pericarp content increased 2.80 < 4.00 < 3.35 mm+ grain. The color of ground pearled grain of 4.00 mm+ and 3.35 mm+ sizes was similar to that of white cultivars but 2.80 mm+ grain had a higher color absorption due to some residual pericarp. The cooking time ranged from 54 min to 64 min and was shorter for the smaller grain.