Effect of Needle Tenderization on Salt Absorption, Yields, Composition and Palatability of Dry-Cured Hams Produced from Packer Style and Skinned Green Hams


  • Journal Article No. 85-4-147 of the Kentucky Agricultural Ex- periment Station.


The effects of needle tenderization on the curing processes and final cured ham properties of packer style and skinless hams were investigated. Skinless hams absorbed salt faster and lost weight faster than packer style hams. Needle tenderized hams also absorbed salt faster and had more weight loss than nontenderized hams in both the packer style and the skinless groups. Two months'aging resulted in excess dehydration and lowered quality in the skinless tenderized group. In skinless hams, curing, salt equalization and aging times were reduced so that acceptable, though mild flavored, hams that met the USDA requirements for weight loss and salt content were produced within 5 wk.