Minerals in Selected Variety Breads Commercially Produced in Four Major U.S. Cities


  • Studies are supported in part by a grant (No. 59-3198-2-43) from the USDA's CND/HNIS.


Nine mineral elements (Ca, P, Mg, Fe, Zn, Cu, Mn, Na and K) were determined in 10 types, up to four brands of each type, of variety breads purchased from four major U.S. cities. Calcium content of test breads varied appreciably among cities and among brands within a city. In contrast, such variations in the content of Mg, Zn, Cu, and Mn in breads were minimal. Phosphorus was the most abundant mineral in all products. Iron content averaged the highest (3.76 mg/100g) in pumpernickel bread. Sodium in test breads except tortillas averaged between 474 to 734 mg/100g. Four slices of breads tested provide appreciable amounts of various minerals to-wards our daily need.