Distribution and Rate of Migration of Curing Ingredients (Nitrite, Salt, Glucose) in Pork Tissue as Affected by Electrical Stimulation


  • Salaries and research support provided by State and Federal funds appropriated to The Ohio AaricuIturaI Research and Development Center, The Ohio State University. Journal Article No. 70-84. Portions of research submitted to 30th European Meeting of Meat Research Workers, Bristol, England, 1984.


The effect of electrical stimulation of pork carcasses on distribution and rate of migration of curing ingredients (nitrite, salt, glucose) was investigated. Sixty cylindrical triceps brachii muscle samples were prepared at 24 hr post-stimulation from three pigs (left side stimulated; right side control, not stimulated) and determination for nitrite, salt and glucose were made at 24, 48 and 72 hr post-curing at each of four cylindrical segment depths of 1.25 cm each. The analysis of variance indicated that electrical stimulation caused significant (P < 0.01) improvement in absorption and migration of curing ingredients (nitrite, salt, glucose) into all depths of the pork cylinder.