Effect of Methionine Supplementation on Nitrogen Balance in Infants Fed a Low-Cost Soy-Oats Formula



A nitrogen balance study, comparing a low-cost soy-oats infant formula with and without supplemental methionine, was carried out with infants of ages 3 - 26 months at a single equivalent level of nitrogen intake (approximately 850 mg/kg/day). Nitrogen retention was found to be unaffected by methionine supplementation. Com- parison of data obtained in this study with previous research re- vealed that a critical value for intake of total L-sulfur amino acids apparently exists in infants 3 - 26 months of age, below which methionine supplementation will increase nitrogen retention, but above which it will not. This value appears to coincide with that of 49 mg/kg/day recommended for infants by the FNB.