Terpene Reduction in Cold-Pressed Orange Oil by Frontal Analysis-Displacement Adsorption Chromatography


  • Florida Anricultural Experiment Station Journal Series Number 7455.


Five adsorbents were studied for their ability to remove terpenes from cold-pressed Valencia orange oil by frontal-analysis displacement adsorption chromatography. Only the potable solvent 95% aqueous ethanol was used in the process; columns were dry-packed to eliminate the use of hexane. The most successful studies were carried out using silica gel and Florisil. Adsorptive capacities of 4.4 and 2.0g oil/g adsorbent were achieved for silica gel and Florisil, respectively. Compositions of the oil fractions were determined by gas chromatography and peaks identified by mass spectrometry. Silica gel provided products with the lowest terpene level and the highest oxygenated compound content. The terpene content of the product considered best was reduced to one fifth and one seventh of the original level for Florisil and silica gel, respectively, and had higher oxygenated compound levels than either 10-fold or 25-fold orange oil concentrates.