Replacement of Sodium Chloride by Modified Potassium Chloride (Cocrystalized Disodium-5′-Inosinate and Disodium-5’-Guanylate with Potassium Chloride) in Fresh Pork Sausages: Acceptability Testing using Signal Detection Measures


  • The authors thank the following for their assistance and cooperation: Ulla Schlate, Fete De La Teja, and Isao Igarashi of Takeda, USA, Inc.; Goehring Meats, Lodi, CA; Jennifer Haberman; Denise Gulli; Anne Vie; and the staff and students at UCD who were panelists.


Experiments were developed to evaluate the effect of replacement of NaCl with modified KCl on the hedonic ratings for fresh pork sausage patties. Results clearly indicated that the replacement of up to 75% (w/w) of the salt by modified KCl were significantly well accepted. The incorporation of any level of MSG decreased the overall acceptance level of modified KG to 50% (w/w). With the incorporation of two additional spice levels, the acceptance level of modified KC1 did not improve much beyond 75% (w/w).