The basic conditions of an enzymatic process to produce high-protein amaranth flour (HPAF) and carbohydrate rich fraction (CRF) from raw flour were determined. Commercial preparations of α-amylase and glucoamylase were used. Conditions for both enzymes were: 20% (w/v) slurries of gelatinized whole flour and 0.10% (v/w) enzyme; for amylase, pH 6.5, 70°C and 30 min liquefaction time; for glucoamylase, pH 4.5, 60°C and 60 min. The yield of HPAF was 38–39%. HPAF from both enzymes had 26–28% protein, 10–16% fat and 40–52% starch. Protein digestibility (76%) and reactive lysine (6.6–7.1 g/100g protein) of HPAF were comparable to raw flour. CRF had a 17–21 dextrose equivalent.