Four types of beef forequarter steaks, rib eye roll steaks (RER), ser-ratus ventralis solid-muscle structured steaks (SRV), salt/phosphate comminuted structured steaks (NaCl/PO4) and algin/calcium comminuted structured steaks (Alg/Ca) were evaluated. Meat purchasers preferred the color, lack of surface discoloration and overall appearance of intact muscle steaks (RER and SRV) over the comminuted structured steaks (NaCl/PO4 and Alg/Ca). Purchasers perceived the fat content in SRV steaks to be less than in RER steaks. Sensory evaluations of juiciness and overall desirability were similar for all four types. Intact muscle steaks were lower in sensory tenderness ratings and higher in flavor desirability than comminuted structured steaks. Consumer acceptability was evident for all four types offering merchandising options to beef fabricators.