Pretreating Dent Corn Grits for Puffing in a Rice Cake Machine


  • Contribution from the Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station, Journal Series No. 10,980.

  • The authors acknowledge the financial support from Missouri Corn Merchandising Council and Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station.


The best operational conditions for puffing dent corn grits with a rice cake machine were 14% grit moisture, 215°C and 9 sec. Salting and steaming, low pH soaking medium, larger corn grit sizes, 2% glycerin, and 2% corn oil tended to increase puffed volume of the corn cakes. Smaller grit sizes, 3% alcohol and high pH soaking medium had negative effects on corn cake volume. Acid-modification of corn starch, 1% or 3% corn oil, and up to 10% sugar had no effect.