A Model for Quantitating Energy and Degree of Starch Gelatinization Based on Water, Sugar and Salt Contents


  • Contribution of Project 50-0340, of the Agricultural Experiment Station, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


A mathematical model defining the relation of moisture, sucrose and salt on the degree of starch gelatinization obtained from DSC, was developed. As moisture increased to 1.0g water, gelatinization rose to 85% and was complete at 1.5g water. Addition of 5% to 15% sucrose had no effect between 0.5 and about 0.8g water, but at higher moistures degree of gelatinization decreased with increasing sucrose. Salt showed a similar effect. The model covered 30% to 80% water, 0% to 15% sucrose, and 0% to 7.5% salt (R2=0.94). A test application of the model extended to rice and wheat starch, showed some correlation, but not conclusively.