Two shore-based surimi plants in Alaska were investigated to determine microbial conditions of Alaska pollock flesh during processing. Median aerobic plate count (APC) was 2.0 × 103/g after mincing, 2.3 × 103/g after washing/screening, 4.2 × 104/g after refining and 1.6 × 104/g after dewatering. Reprocessing, needed for nonanalog grade surimi, resulted in APC of 1.2 × 105/g after a second refining and 3.0 × 105/g after a second dewatering. The APC for analog grade surimi was 5.5 × 104/g and 2.0 × 106/g for nonanalog grade surimi. Highest total coliform most probable number (MPN) of > 1100/g was determined from a nonanalog grade surimi sample and from a mince that had been refined twice. Highest Escherichia coli MPN of 460/g was determined from two minces.