Milk, sweet potato (SP), sucrose and gelatin mixtures were fermented with yogurt bacteria. SP comprised 14, 16 or 18% of the milk-SP mixture. As SP increased, the following components decreased (dry weight basis, except for moisture): moisture, 81.3-79.7%; fat, 8.5-4.9%; and calculated calories, 1,726-1,651 kJ/100g (412-396 Kcal/ 100g). Likewise, these components increased: nitrogen-free extract, 66.3-69.8% and vitamins C, 0.30 - 0.41 mg/100 g and A, 971-1,252 retinol equivalents/100g. On average, the product contained 19% protein, 3.8% ash and 2.5% dietary fiber. The lactic acid bacteria count in the product after 6.5 hr incubation was log 8.2 (1.585 x 106) CFU/g.