Stability of Aspartame in Fruit Preparations Used in Yogurt


  • Thanks to S.L. Palmer for assistance and to the Sensory and Statistics Group at NutraSweet for conducting and interpreting sensory tests and results. Also, we are grateful to Fantasy Flavors, Inc., Wheaton, IL, for the fruit preparations.

  • Presented at the 1990 Annual Meeting of the Institute of Food Technologists in Anaheim, CA.


Stability of aspartame (APM) in three fruit preparations stored 6 months at three temperatures was assessed monthly. Remaining aspartame, microbiological quality, objective color and pH were determined; sensory acceptance tests were conducted with the fruit added to a commercial yogurt. pH or microbiological counts did not change during storage. About 60% of original APM remained after 6 months at 21.1°C. APM level was a function of pH, temperature and time. Based on the tests, shelf life estimates for the fruit preparations were 1½ months at 32.2°C, 4–6 months at 21.1°C, and > 6 months at 4.4°C.