Residual Avid in Activity in Cooked Egg White Assayed with Improved Sensitivity


  • This study was funded in part by a grant from the NutraSweet Company, Deerfield, IL and in part by a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada operating grant. The technical assistance of Erin Skelton, British Columbia Research Corp. is gratefully acknowledged.


An assay, based on binding of the dye 2–(4'hydroxyazobenzene)-benzoic acid (HABA) and widely used in studies of avidin in liquid systems, was combined with an aqueous extraction method and used to assay avidin in cooked egg white. The method was validated for linearity of response to increasing avidin concentrations, precision, accuracy, recovery and sensitivity. Mean residual avidin activity in fried, poached and boiled (2 min) egg white was 33, 71 and 40% of the activity in raw egg white.