Carotenoid loss in dried red pepper products


Department of Food Engineering, Kyungnam University, Weolyong-dong, Masan Korea

* Correspondent. Present address. Department of Food Science, Rutgers University, P.O. Box 231, New Brunswick, NJ 08903, USA. Fax + 1908 932 6776


The carotenoid loss in dried red peppers, whole, and as coarse and fine powders, with and without seeds, was studied under various water activities, storage temperatures, and packaging atmospheres. Carotenoid loss of red pepper is affected by water activity, package atmosphere, storage temperature, and treatment of pepper. Nitrogen flushing or high water activity can increase carotenoid retention. To maintain good colour quality, both high carotenoid retention and low browning, red peppers should be stored in the form of coarse powder with seeds, at water activity below 0.3, and in a nitrogen atmosphere.