Rheological Characterization of Low-calorie Milk-based Salad Dressings


  • The authors acknowledge the Technological Institut of the Food Industry Research Association (AINIA) for use of the equipment. Prof. Dr. Pedro Fib Maupoey for his assistance, and the Agricultural. Council of Valencia and Caja de Ahorros from Castellón for the financial support.


Oil-in-water emulsions of different quantitative composition, containing milk powder and locust bean gum. as stabilizing agents, showed similar rheological behavior: time-dependent thixotropic character and yield stress. Thixograms obtained for each sample could be modelled through the Hahn equation for the different shear rates. The analysis of the Hahn parameter variation for each sample as a function of shear rate led to a function σ= f(γ, t). Predicted shear stress values had relative errors lower than 10% in 99.9% of the samples studied. Analysis of composition influence on the rheological parameters showed an interactive role of gum, milk and acetic acid concentrations on emulsion consistency.