• browning;
  • Maillard-reaction;
  • glucose;
  • acetyllysine;
  • cellulose


The interaction between N-α-acetyllysine and glucose was investigated in a dry cellulose matrix (1.8% moisture) at 40, 50 and 60°C and aw 0.19-0.21. The loss in acetyllysine in 6 days at those temperatures was 22, 54, and 79%, respectively. The degradation data more clearly fit a double exponential function (AeBX+ CeDX) than the first order function, AeBX. An estimate of the activation energy of 36 kcal/ mol and a Q10 of 5.5 was computed from second order rate constants for acetyllysine and glucose degradation. The increase in color followed zero order kinetics and indicated an activation energy of 44 kcal/mol for the presumed third phase of the Maillard reaction in the solid state.